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Ayshen, Chef
600 x 1138
A hertasi with taste

600 x 916
from the Valdemar books

Altra and Florian
600 x 973
The Formal State Portrait
DAW Books

Duke Tremaine
600 x 880
Digital painting
DAW Books

Firesong, Need and Andesha
600 x 798
Digital painting
DAW Books

A View of the Vale
600 x 779
Hawkbrother Vale

600 x 941
One of the Tayledras elders

How It's Done
797 x 976
A peek at the process
of how a painting's put together

600 x 589
Oriental Adventures
D&D 3rd Ed., Wizards of the Coast

A Detail of the Master Map
1000 x 654
The Velgarth Master Map
17 feet wide

Tr'revak and Virtue
600 x 800
Character sketches

Miles Vorkosigan
600 x 860
Cover Painting, Baen Books
Lois McMaster Bujold's space-op hero

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