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Adult Images
128 x 128
Folder containing adult images
18+ only, please!

Sweet Peregrine
600 x 929
A Female Peregrine Falcon

Feathered Serpent
1115 x 1487
One of my favorites.

Lion Bookplate
800 x 1179
Simple Pen and Ink Bookplate Design

1200 x 1263
An Enic Diractan portrait
Acrylic on canvasboard

S.O.A.R. birds
1200 x 1216
These are the raptors I worked with,
while with Save Our American Raptors

Darkwind Remix
600 x 711
Winds of Fate Art...

Victor GT Logo
800 x 813
The sports car prototype from the
SERRAted Edge books

The Wrong Senmurv
1200 x 1010
Fiend Folio (not)
3rd Ed. D&D, Wizards of the Coast (not!)

Was I Ever That Young?
800 x 543
Photo reference for lighting, and yes,
that's me in the costume. Circa 1986.

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