S.O.A.R. birds

Believe it or not, this is done mostly in brush and india ink.... specifically, a Kolinsky synthetic #2 and Higgins Black Magic ink. It also uses zipatone (not that many people today know what that is!) and sponge and ink, and tech pen for sharpening.
These are the birds of prey that I handled and did convention appearances and fundraisers with, for Doris Mager's organization Save Our American Raptors. It seems so very long ago.
In the very front is RJ, the first Golden Eagle produced by artificial insemination. She and I were closest. She was eventually released into the wild to raise her own family in the Blue Ridge Mountains, after 14 years as a demonstration and study bird.
Behind that is Osceola, an immature Bald Eagle, then on the left is Cara, a Crested Caracara (which is in fact the "eagle" on the Mexican national flag), then Cooacoochee, another Bald Eagle and in the back, C.C., a Great Horned Owl.
We brought these birds to do flight demonstrations and education at southern scif