Beloved Cimun

Cimun... shortened from "Cinnamon"... was a female red tailed hawk that was one of our rehab birds for many years. She had apparently been struck while in flight by a big rig whip antenna, and was found alongside a road. The left side of her face was destroyed and she was blind and deaf on that side.
Cimun and I were inseperable for a long time. She would sleep with her blind side towards me. She also, strangely enough, had lost all fear, and was gentle around anyone, from screaming kids to large crowds. She was even loaned out as part of the Fish & Wildlife exhibit at the State Fair. Over the years, though, old injuries caught up with her and she eventually died after a much loved life.
There was one time, while I was drawing Hawkbrothers artwork for one of the Valdemar books, that Cimun was perched on the back of my work chair, preening at my hair, and I had to stop and realize---this moment is EXACTLY how the fans picture me.
I do miss her.